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the ideal massage couch for professionals

Buying a treatment couch is not easy with so many to choose from and with a wide range of prices but only small pictures to compare them with. As the largest training provider of Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy in the UK we have searched the market to find the best couch for the job at the best possible price for our students and members.

A good couch needs to be:

  • Well designed.
  • Well manufactured.
  • Made from high quality materials.

The Affinity Marlin 25” is the best massage couch we can find to match all these three. It is very strong (200kg weight limit) and stable, without squeaks or rattles even when doing the most vigorous techniques on the heaviest of clients. This is all down to its excellent design and manufacture using an aluminium leg construction. It also looks good with a mat-black finish on the legs and soft but strong blue PVC vinyl on the top. This is not just a great couch to work with, it is also very reassuring for clients because they can see that it’s a high quality professional couch that feels totally safe when they are being treated on it.

The padding (2” Semi-Firm Therafoam) is just right, soft enough for comfort but firm enough when applying deep techniques. Even the face hole is comfortable enough for most clients without the need for extra cushioning. The lifting backrest is a good feature and we also particularly like the rounded corners which are nice when moving around the couch during a treatment. The easy to use adjustable height legs give it a good versatile range 24.5” to 32.5” (62cm to 82.5cm) Length 72” (185cm), width 25” (63cm). It also has face cradle ports if you want to add this for treating very tall clients. (There are wider versions of this couch but unless you are a very tall therapist treating very broad clients we would not recommend them). A carry case with a useful side pocket is ncluded.
2-year warranty.

With sensible care we believe this couch could last for your whole career.
Price: £416.00 inc. carriage &VAT (UK Mainland) Our price £400.00

To achieve such strength and stability the Marlin is a bit on the heavy side at 14.5kg (nearly 16kg with the carry bag). There are lighter couches on the market but they won’t have the same strength, stability or last as long. If you plan to carry the Marlin more than just to and from the car you will need to think about getting a trolley for it.

PURCHASE (£400.00 inc. shipping & vat)


ISRM Members and Students - 10% discount

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ISRM schools

About us

We are closely linked to the Institute of Sports & Remedial Massage (ISRM) & the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM).

We have been teaching Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy since 1989 and are the largest training provider in this sector in the UK. It is essential that we have good, strong and stable treatment couches in our classrooms and give our students and therapists advice on the best ones available to them on the market.

Since we began we always used Marshcouch who custom made couches for us in the UK. But regrettably this company has now stopped production and we had to look elsewhere for a good alternative. Thankfully we found the Affinity Marlin 25” which is in several ways better than the Marshcouch we used to use and recommend.

Because we specialise in teaching Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy we only sell this particular model because we believe it is the best on the market for the therapy we teach.

Alumobile massage couch trolly
A Revolution for Mobile Massage Therapy

Durable and ultra light massage table trolley designed by a massage professional for all modern mobile massage professionals.

Massage table trolley by Alumobile is an essential piece of equipment for the mobile massage professionals of today. As the brainchild of massage therapist Stan Weise, this simplistic yet revolutionary model has generated a loyal and devoted following over its seven-year development. Our mobile massage trolley created to contribute to the wellbeing of massage professionals, easing stresses and enabling fast, efficient mobility. An innovative design minimises stress to the back and wrists and prevents injuries.

The solid aluminium construction is built to last for fast, effortless movement in an urban environment. Easy to store away, this uniquely inventive model boasts a four-wheel support system with front wheels swivel and as a result no lifting is required.

This is an important development in the industry as it protects the growing number of mobile massage professionals and ensures that they are able to carry out their multitude of appointments, maximising efficiency and profitability.

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